What NOT to do in Venice


We spent less than 24 hours in Venice. So, the reality is, it’s impossible for me to come up with a blog post telling you what you should do while in the City of Bridges and frankly, just inadequate. I wouldn’t be doing the beautiful city justice. Instead I’ve decided to cover what NOT to do when visiting Venice, Italy.

First things first, do NOT spend less than 24 hours there. Set aside at least 1-2 full days to enjoy the beauty and romance that Venice offers. Two day’s will give you plenty of time to see all there is to see, and experience all there is to experience. Make sure to hop on a gondola for a ride down The Grand Canal, load up on allll the coconut gelato, and for the love of all things Italian, get in your last helping of caprese salad because you never know when you’ll enjoy the real deal again. They just don’t taste the same at home!

Do NOT stay in the San Marco district. Inevitably you’re going to start to notice a trend with my travel blogs. You’ll get a feel for what I value and what I think is overrated. Staying in the tourist hub is something I definitely think is overrated and more often than not I’ll avoid it by all means necessary. Venice is over saturated with tourists as is, but staying in the San Marco district would be like setting up camp in the lawn in front of The Eiffel Tower. Just don’t. Stay some place a bit off the beaten path to see parts of Venice that aren’t swarming with people. I suggest looking into each district to discover what they’re known for so you can decide on the type of experience that best suites your travel desires. We stayed in an Airbnb(it was simple, inexpensive and exactly what we needed for the few hours we’d be sleeping in it, HELLO 2 A.M wake up call!) in the Cannaregio district, a mostly quiet residential area that provided a quiet setting to wander around and get lost in. Kyle and I love walking aimlessly in a new city. It allows us the opportunity to discover parts of a place we may not have, had we planned every step we took. The colorful buildings and charming bridges of Venice are around every corner; make sure to spend time experiencing them organically.

Next up, do NOT eat at one of the dozens of restaurants along the main drag. I know it seems tempting, especially when you just spent hours on a plane and the hanger is getting the best of you, but please, learn from my mistake and don’t do it. Kyle and I would agree that eating the local cuisine is easily our favorite things about traveling. If you eat well, and by well I mean authentic food, while traveling, you’re able to experience a country’s culture on such a deeper level. Spend a few extra minutes on Trip Advisor to seek out the top rated restaurants or, even better, when you get a super rad AirBnB host take advantage of their knowledge to find out where the locals eat. You can never go wrong dining where the natives do and more often than not those restaurants come with everlasting experiences.

Lastly, do NOT forget to stop and relish in every opportunity that presents itself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the logistics of travel that sometimes we forget to enjoy the everyday moments that, in my opinion, end up making some of the very best memories. And with that I present to you the sad excuse I have for photos from a 16-hour trip to Venice, Italy. Enjoy.

Basilica di San Marco is Venice’s signature church, the present basilica being recorded as constructed in 1094 (!) and it was the only tourist sight we visited. Pretty amazing, right? I always have high hopes of checking out all the most gawked at sights in each city I visit but, some how food always takes precedence. When there’s endless amounts of prosciutto + melon, pizza margharita , pasta, caprese salad and bread with olive oil and vinegar, can you blame me? Nope, didn’t think so. GAW, can I go back, like, yesterday?

If I see Dachshunds it’s only natural for me to snap a picture. 

I’ll leave you with my favorite memory from our time in this magical city.

For whatever reason the storm always follows Kyle and I to Italy, and we just so happen to be totally cool with it. On our first trip to the Amalfi Coast, Italy we experienced an insane thunder and lightning storm, during dinner over looking the ocean. It was UNREAL. This time around it happened in Venice. The whole day felt like it could start storming any second. The sky would switch between a dark cloud cover to intermittent burst of sun-rays. And just like our time in Amalfi, the sky unleashed as we made our way back to our AirBnB. Running hand in hand with Kyle over bridges, and through the secret passageway’s of Venice, as the sky lit up with bolts of lightening, was an experience I will never forget.

Grazie for reading! & arrivederci!



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