Somewhere between spilled paint and a home buyers document a dream was born. I bought a house in 2014 with my at the time boyfriend (ya, you read that right, boyfriend) and the rest was history. Like most 23 year old’s my decor budget was scarce and my Pinterest dreams were real, real big. I fell in love with up-cycling second hand pieces and bringing new life to what most would deem disposable. Soon after that I started hand painting quote signs to adorn our walls… most ALL of which have now been burned, trust me when I say no one gets it right on the first try (practice, practice, practice!). My love affair only blossomed when I truly discovered the art of modern calligraphy. It’s been nearly 3 years, a whole heck of a lot of paint brushes later and I still wake up each morning wanting more!

Since starting Clink & Kiss in 2014 it has grown into something so much more than I ever could have imagined. Creating wedding signage has brought me insurmountable joy and now, with the launch of my Adventure collection in February 2017 I am able to combined my love of the outdoors with my love of art. If you would have told me 5, even 4, years ago that I would be spending my days doing what I love I would have laughed and told you that that was impossible. But here I am, and it is possible, thanks to all of you.

Let me not forget to mention that none of this would be possible without my dreamer, supporter, and all time lover of a man, my NOW fiancé, Kyle. For all those doubters out there, not to worry, we got engaged and the house we bought together, it’s now a home. It is a home that we share with our favorite fur babe, Cakes. When we’re not snuggled up on the couch together, binging Netflix, you can undoubtably find us at one of our favorite local breweries. We spend our weekends chasing waterfalls and hiking the never ending trails that Oregon has to offer. This life is a beautiful one and I’m just lucky enough to spend it doing what I love, with who I love.

cheers babes,